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Tips for a Zero-Waste Baby Shower

We all try our best to reduce our waste as much as possible and it’s important to remember that doing as little or as much as you can is the best you can do to help our environment. No one is perfect but making changes and trying to be zero-waste is one step you can take. But how do you host a zero-waste baby shower?! Here’s a few ideas:

✉️ Digital Invitations - Send a digital invite rather than physical ones, either design invites to email or send via Whatsapp, or create a Facebook event to give all your attendees the info they need.

📝 Sustainable Gift List - Create a baby wishlist filled with sustainable gifts way ahead of time and ask people that wish to buy gifts, to select items from this list. You can also check out my post about ways to ask for plastic free toys.

🎁 No Gift Wrap - A lot of gift wrap isn’t recyclable. If you are a guest at a baby shower there are plenty of other great ways to wrap baby gifts, why not use muslin cloths to wrap presents and then the wrapping is a present in itself!

🎈 Decor Alternatives - Balloons are not great for the environment and even the “biodegradable” options have been proven to not break down that quickly at all. But look into paper decor that can be just as effective and even better for the planet.

🍽️ Plates and Cutlery - If possible use your own plates and cutlery rather than bringing in disposable items. You could even ask your guests to bring their own plate if you felt comfortable to do so.

🎲 Baby Shower Games - Why not get crafty and get your guests to decorate a baby grow for something you then get to keep and use for baby. You can also do “What’s in the bag” where people have to guess what baby toys are in there.

🥗 Food - Homemade muffins or cupcakes in reusable silicone cases are a great way to reduce waste. Veggie sticks bought package free with homemade hummus can also be great for a summer shower. Check out what foods your local waste free/refill store stock too!

As always you can feel free to do as you will with these tips. Even my own baby shower wasn’t 100% zero-waste but I did ban balloons and didn’t use plastic cutlery. Every little counts at the end of the day


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