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February: In-Season Fruit & Veg (UK)

Your in-season fruit and veg for the month of February (UK):

🟢 Brussels Sprouts

🟢 Spring Green Cabbage

🟢 Savoy Cabbage

🟢 Carrots

🟢 Cauliflower

🟢 Kale

🟢 Leeks

🟢 Parsnips

🟢 Rhubarb

Why is knowing what’s in season important for the planet? Eating local in-season fruit and vegetables can lower your carbon footprint. Out of season veg is often grown in heated greenhouses and/or imported that increases the greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s also said that eating fruit and veg when it’s in season means you get more nutrients from them too!

Obviously it can be quite difficult with little ones that can be fussy, but making eating veg fun is important and also ensure they are seeing you eating the same

[Source: Eat Seasonably]

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