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Environmentally Friendly Easter Ideas for the Kids

Easter is a great time for fun and celebration with families, but it is also a time when we can be mindful of our impact on the environment. By choosing environmentally friendly activities for kids, we can teach our children about sustainability and help to protect our planet for them! So here are some environmentally friendly kids activity ideas for Easter:

Upcycling Easter Baskets

Why not upcycle an old basket and make a whole activity out of it rather than buy a new one? You can use materials such as fabric scraps, old t-shirts, and cardboard to create a unique and environmentally friendly basket. Get the kids involved by having them help choose the materials and decorate the basket.

Natural Egg Dyeing

Instead of using store-bought egg dye, try using natural materials such as beetroot, spinach, and turmeric to dye your Easter eggs. You can also use materials such as onion skins and tea to create different colours. This is a fun and educational activity that teaches kids about the natural world and reduces waste.

Planting Seeds

Spring is the perfect time for planting, and Easter is a great opportunity to get kids involved in growing their own plants. You can plant herbs, flowers, or even vegetables in pots or in the garden. It also teaches them about the importance of growing our own food.

Eco-friendly Easter Crafts

There are many eco-friendly Easter crafts that can be made with materials such as recycled paper, fabric scraps, and natural materials such as twigs and leaves. For example, you can make Easter bunny ears out of old fabric, or create an Easter egg tree using twigs and recycled paper.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Instead of giving out plastic eggs filled with sweets and treats, try creating an Easter scavenger hunt using natural materials such as leaves and flowers. You can also hide small treats such as dried fruit or nuts in eco-friendly packaging such as reusable cloth bags.

By choosing environmentally friendly kids activities for Easter, we can teach our little ones

about sustainability and help to protect our planet. Not only are these activities fun, but they also promote creativity and encourage kids to think about their impact on the environment. So this Easter, let's celebrate in a way that is kind to the earth and teach our children the importance of looking after the planet.


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