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Don't forget to catch your breath!

Corrr, being a Mum can be exhausting sometimes right?!

Yes! Absolutely. But I've also realised that the reason it often feels so exhausting is because we often aren't "just Mum", we're so many different roles. For me, I'm Mum. But I'm also: Wife, Employee, Manager, Small Business Owner, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, Friend, Dog Owner, Cat Owner, Newly appointed Gerbil owner, Housekeeper, Gardener, the list goes on and on and on.

So when I always say that being a Mum is so tiring, I think it's actually because we don't get the time to just be "Mum", not the time we really want at least anyway. You may be wondering where this life pondering style blog has come from, and where's your useful sustainable family living tips... but you may have realised also that I haven't posted a blog/tips since Christmas time. Well that's because I around Christmas I was nearly burnt out, I don't know how but life just got so busy. Having a full-time job as a manager, running Little Orangutan on the side and being a Mum as well as all those other roles, I think it just finally caught up with me and I realised I wasn't enjoying Little Orangutan so much because it felt like it was taking time away from Freyja.

So I decided, as it's my own business and a passion project that I have the power to take a break. So I did. And honestly I feel so much better for it.

I got back in to reading, I started going for walks in nature again and just took time for myself and with Freyja. Realising how much I needed it, how much I love those things has meant I was finally ready to start putting some attention back in to Little Orangutan, now that I am more self aware of what I need for me and how I need to balance the different commitments in my life.

Ginger mother and toddler happy in the woods smiling at camera

I've always been an over achiever, so I think I put my own high expectations on myself, when actually just giving my 50% is all people expect to be my 100%. So now my mantra is "Is it good enough?" - Do I actually need to post every single day on Little Orangutans Instagram, or actually is once a week more than enough? Do I need to do 10 Christmas Markets when 5 is still plenty and I get more weekends with my family?

So anyway, I suppose what I'm trying to say is catch a breath! Get your head back above water if you feel you are starting to drown. There is ALWAYS something that can stop or wait. Little Orangutan is all about living sustainably, and yes that is in relation to the environment and climate, but it's also really important to remember to ensure we are making sure we as individuals are sustainable, not from an environmental stand point, but in general - are you able to maintain the certain way you are living, because if not, it may be time for you to reflect and think about what YOU need, so that you can continue and sustainably be the great parent you are to your little ones. It may feel selfish but it really isn't, if you are doing things for you then you will have more energy and generally feel better, allowing you to be more present, more patient and more there for the sprogs!

Sorry for the slight diversion in my usual blogging. Normal service will resume soon, inbetween wanders in the woods 😛

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