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Approaching the subject of plastic free toys with family and friends

It’s obviously easy to control what we choose to buy our little ones in regards to plastic free toys, but how do you approach the subject with friends and family who want to buy your little one toys without being worried you will come across as selfish or snobby?

🌍 Make your request about the bigger picture - explain that you are trying to raise your child to preserve the environment and protect the planet. This is about making environmentally conscious choices.

🪄 Make it easy - Find some wooden toys or other alternatives that when people ask what they could get, you are already equipped with a “wishlist” of plastic free toys.

📝 Make an online wish list/registry - fill it with plastic free items for your little ones birth/birthday and share with friends and family explaining you would appreciate if people selected items from your registry as you’ve carefully chosen items most suited to how you are trying to raise and develop your child

💬 Talk to friends and family openly and honestly - discuss your feelings on plastic free toys ahead of birthdays and celebrations. If they know you well they should take this in to consideration when then purchasing toys/gifts

🌿 Remember it isn’t rude, it’s about respect - you wouldn’t serve your vegan relative a roast lamb and this is simply about making your environmental lifestyle choices known to friends and family so that they can respect your choices

Here are a few plastic free toy small businesses recommended by fellow parents to go follow on Instagram for some inspiration:





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