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Hello! My name is Anita and I am the owner of Little Orangutan. I became a first time Mum in July 2021 to my wonderful little girl, Freyja. Like me she has ginger hair and I soon began nicknaming her my little orangutan as her hair, when all stuck up, reminded me of baby orangutan.

Me and my husband have always tried to do what we can to be sustainable and do our part to help fight climate change. Don't get me wrong, we are what I call, "imperfectly sustainable". We do what we can but there is still so much more we can do! One of the things I struggled with after having a baby is just how difficult it is to lead a sustainable family life, when convenience takes priority.


The issue I had the biggest problem with was how quickly they grow out of clothes! Fast fashion is already such an issue with it's impact on the environment and the fact that your baby only stays in clothes 3 months at a time, just really didn't sit right with me. So I started making Freyja clothes out of my old clothes or from more environmentally friendly fabrics and when friends told me I should sell what I make as a business, Little Orangutan was born!  


Little Orangutan started as a handmade sustainable baby & toddler clothing and accessory store. But it is also much more than that. When I first started Little Orangutan, it was about taking a hobby of mine and making it in to a small business. But as I've worked on developing the brand, I realised I want so much more for Little Orangutan. I want it to help make sustainable family living easy for other parents like me!


There are three strands of Little Orangutan...

Planet Friendly


Handmade baby and toddler items, made from organic, recycled or repurposed materials only, and always!

A neutral coloured short sleeve baby body suit with cute whale design and text saying "mini eco-warrior" on chest of bodysuit

Sustainable Family Living Tips

Helping to educate families on sustainable living via easy, bitesize tips that can be applied to family life.

Recycling Glass Bottles

Green Parenting in the Community

Events in the community, such as clothes swaps and more to make being sustainable more accessible.

Children looking at garden crops
Image shows accreditations and awards won by Little Orangutan. Winner for Social Enterprise at the University of Portsmouth Enterprise Challenge 2022, Finalists for Best Sustainable Business in Hampshire & Isle of Wight in the Muddy Stilettos Awards 2023, Winner for Start Up of the Year at the Big Sustainability Awards 2023

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